Life is about Learning and Learning is about Life.

Be an Agent of Educational Transformation



We believe that by providing an online platform where people around the world, whoever they are, connect and collaborate through the desire to enhance learning at every level we can work towards a goal where every child has access to education.The Linkedto-ed community can support the drive to raise standards and improve the learning experience for all.For all partners in the education process from students to education ministers and beyond to have a say in the Linkedto-ed Community agenda.Benefit all who have a stake in education. Join the Linkedto-ed online community to discuss today’s education issues, share ideas and solutions, knowledge, skills, tools, content and resources.To influence the education agenda globally. As we grow, the strength in numbers harnessed to the reach of social media, will have the ability to influence the education agenda globally.

What we are asking YOU to do!

This is the beginning of our journey together. All we ask at this stage is for you to register your interest in the Linkedto-ed Community. Tell ALL your contacts about the Linkedto-ed Community vision. Ask them to forward the website to their contacts.
Get everybody to register their interest and please follow us on Twitter @linkedtoE via the link for updates on progress!